Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 trends. Tell me which ones you think are HOT and which ones are NOT!!

Hot pants/boyshorts are really in this spring/summer, which is shorter than short dont know if ill be rocking this trend lol if there was ever a reason for  to hit the gym it would be this trend right here!
Over the Knee socks are in as well. In my opinion they can either make or break your outfit. But im going to try it out. I'll probably post a picture of this trend in the near future but with a twist (hahaha) what can I say I like to put my flavor on things hehe.
Military tribal inspired outfits with fashion hardware are sooo in and depending on the item of clothing is hecka adorable. I like the whole miltary jack/ vest look and tribal type accessories. You can find these items at place such as forever21, wetseal, H&M, Charlotte Russe,...
Big hair bows are really in and the bigger and brighter HA the better ;)
they're very cute and girly!! Just have to wear them in the right way s you dont look tooo craaazy!

Jumpsuits and romper are in lke every spring summer & adorable paired up with some really cute sandles and accessoreis such as cute earring and bangles..

Bunny ears??? HA are in?? thats what i read in a magazine cant remember which one but i google it and read the same thing crazy right!!! but if they say soo i dont see myself walking around with big bunny ears but to each they own right?! lol If your bold i suggest you try it  =)
Model Chanel Iman looks so adorable rocking them... she's sooo pretty!!
Spring/summer colors are kinda neutral but at the same time bright. Me personally i love spring and summer beacuse you can rock the brightest neon colors on finger/toe nails GORGEOUS!! I go all out lol..

Im going to post another spring/summer trend report but this time with shoes hope you enjoyed this let me know

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