Friday, February 12, 2010


Ughh schools been kickin my a*# these last couple weeks but i should have more posts up this weekend
<33 -Jessa

Saturday, January 30, 2010


So i confess i am a compolsive online shopper. They say the fist step to dealing with a problem is to admit it so hehehe (sigh!) I admit, but at least i get good deals right ?!??

Well heres a list of the stores I always buy from online i never shop in person anymore its way more Convenient to do it online && these stores make it easy.

My 1 # go to for shoes is:
I love their selection of shoes
They ship really fast (i do live in cali where they are located)
They're very affordable (VERY!!)
And the main reason I <333 them is that they update their site DAILY so there is constantly new merchandise available
OHH &&  I think the boxes they send all the shoes in are soo adorable they're not plian ugly brown boxes like other stores..
& I've NEVERR had a problem with my order and I've been ordering from them for about a year
You guys should see my closet OMG my mom says i have a problem I think NOT lol

MY # 2 && 3 spots for shoes are drum roll haha..
although GOJANE is my first love I order from these two sites if they dont have my size in a specific shoe i want.
They have the same qualities listed under GOJANE
They carry the same shoes most of the time (some times they have different ones)
Fast shipping
Waaay affordable
&& I've neverr had a problem with my orders
for instance I ordered from AMICLUBWEAR.COM alot in the past but the last 4 or 5 times Ive ordered from them they email saying that my items are not in stock and that they will put my money back in my account && guess what a couple times it didnt happen ( I WAS SOO PISSED)!! I had to call them and tell them to put my money back in my account SMH.
but like i stated i have never had a problem from these companies so i say SHOP TILL YOU DROP.. Try not to do TOOO much damage lol

Now to clothing
I also use those above sites to buy clothes but heres a few others.
I 've only ordered from them once online but shopped at their store in Santa Monica, CA
plenty of times
They have a nice selection of clothing and not very exspensive (in my opinion and trust me im a bargin shopper)

The infamous FOREVER21.COM
like what girl doesnt shop there???
I love their accessories & sometimes its better to shop online BUT sometimes it better to shop at the store too because both carry different items sometimes.

DELIAS.COM (kinda expensive not gonna lie) its cool to splurge every now and then though!
I order from these sits sometimes as well  but not much beacuse by the time im done buying shoes & ordering from the sites above im BROKKE but its for a good cause can i get a AMEN ahhaa!

I hoped you DIVA'S enjoyed this && this is my VERY honest opinion of these sites
Dont belive me then ayy GOGGLE or YOUTUBE their reviews mmmkay!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Get This Look for less...Featuring

Vanessa in this photo is wearing Chinese Laundry Sudoku sandles i believe they're $69 loves them BUT..... I found a look a like pair for waaay cheaper and they really look exactly the same here they are from for $15.50 a brand named Liliana they come in black, tan, beige

and here another pair from URBANOG.COM but the brand is Classified and the price is $16.70 they come in a denim color and black as well

see you dont have to break the bank to look great keep that in mind when you shop ladies <333

Spring/Summer 2010 shoe trends

Platforms, dressy sandles, and safari suede all with a dash of 70's inspiration. Opened toe boots and booties are going to be the biggest trend of all. 
Some of the styles i seen that I like are the wedge bootie open toes boots TOOO CUTE!
These specific one above are from ALLOY.COM and are 39.90 comes in TAN amd LIGHT GREY
BUT! me being im a bargin shopper so i went to some of my favorite online shoe source and found these
babys right here
I found these on love that site they are $24.40 they come in this cream ivory color, a taupe color, and black. I would these with mabe skinny jeans or a cute tunic dress.
The material of this shoes is a faux leather a crinkled leatheret style to them.

Here are some platforms by Gwen Staffani Harajuku Line  
retail:$160 on

Its a suede materia with a heart detail on the side.

Those were just a few trends for Spring/ Summer I'll probably update with more later

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 trends. Tell me which ones you think are HOT and which ones are NOT!!

Hot pants/boyshorts are really in this spring/summer, which is shorter than short dont know if ill be rocking this trend lol if there was ever a reason for  to hit the gym it would be this trend right here!
Over the Knee socks are in as well. In my opinion they can either make or break your outfit. But im going to try it out. I'll probably post a picture of this trend in the near future but with a twist (hahaha) what can I say I like to put my flavor on things hehe.
Military tribal inspired outfits with fashion hardware are sooo in and depending on the item of clothing is hecka adorable. I like the whole miltary jack/ vest look and tribal type accessories. You can find these items at place such as forever21, wetseal, H&M, Charlotte Russe,...
Big hair bows are really in and the bigger and brighter HA the better ;)
they're very cute and girly!! Just have to wear them in the right way s you dont look tooo craaazy!

Jumpsuits and romper are in lke every spring summer & adorable paired up with some really cute sandles and accessoreis such as cute earring and bangles..

Bunny ears??? HA are in?? thats what i read in a magazine cant remember which one but i google it and read the same thing crazy right!!! but if they say soo i dont see myself walking around with big bunny ears but to each they own right?! lol If your bold i suggest you try it  =)
Model Chanel Iman looks so adorable rocking them... she's sooo pretty!!
Spring/summer colors are kinda neutral but at the same time bright. Me personally i love spring and summer beacuse you can rock the brightest neon colors on finger/toe nails GORGEOUS!! I go all out lol..

Im going to post another spring/summer trend report but this time with shoes hope you enjoyed this let me know

Big Named Fashion Designers Collaborations.

Sonia Rykiel is to collarborate with H&M for Winter 2009/spring 2010. This is the first time that H&M has worked with a designer whos line had lingerie and the line consists of knitwear && fun playful accessories for woman and girls.  The Spring to 2010 line is to be launched in about 250 stores on Febuary 20, 2010. So call and check out if your local H&M is one of the lucky ones =)

Jean Gaultier is also doing a collaboration with Taregt his line is to be launched march 7, 2010- April 11, 2010 in more than 250  stores and online. Jean Gaultier line is paying a tribute to American woman celebrating style trends from the past and present in American Pop Culture.
Mary Kate && Ashley are teaming up with JcPenny to launch a juniors clothing line.The line includes sports wear and accessories inspired by teens around the world. The collection highlights a different city for each piece of clothing. The line is edgy, fun and, spirited. The collection includes Denim, tops, bottom, skirts, dresses, jackets, ranging in sizes 0-15, as well as shoes && handbags.The price range for this line is $20-$50.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Up coming blog posts

  • Im going to be blogging about spring/summer 2010 fashion trends
  • some of my favorite stores to shop at clothing/shoess, accesories
  • my fashion style
  • some outfits i put together for spring 2010 with clothes i already have in my closet