Friday, January 29, 2010

Get This Look for less...Featuring

Vanessa in this photo is wearing Chinese Laundry Sudoku sandles i believe they're $69 loves them BUT..... I found a look a like pair for waaay cheaper and they really look exactly the same here they are from for $15.50 a brand named Liliana they come in black, tan, beige

and here another pair from URBANOG.COM but the brand is Classified and the price is $16.70 they come in a denim color and black as well

see you dont have to break the bank to look great keep that in mind when you shop ladies <333


oOoLaLaALA said...

We sold those same sandals at this boutique I used to work at... and your right they r like $69 for Chin. Laundry. Its super cool you found that $16 dollar duplicate of it. they look exactly the same.

Jessa said...

yes yes I was actually gonna by the chinese laundry pair but i changed my mind real quick when i found those other pairs lol